Loft Conversion

Southend Builders has just finished its 7 Loft conversion of 2013.  This has been a great year for Loft conversions and it seems the trend is to extend upwards rather than outwards.  It makes sense to us as it can be a cost effective way of adding a couple of room to a house and give it the wow factor.  But at the same time costs less than £30,000 in most instances. When deciding whether or not you could have a loft conversion you need to think mainly about head height.  A loft will 9 times out of 10 need some type of dormer window put in which gives a larger usable standing space, however, you have to ensure you have the right heights for example at the top of the stairs to give safe access and exits.  The fire regulation change on a house when you create a third living floor therefore fire safety has to be considered.  You also have to consider where the stairs are going to go and is the gain in the loft going to out way the loss of the room the stairs take up to get up there.  There is no point losing a bedroom (to put stairs in), just to gain a bedroom in the loft.  There will be no real gain in property value.  Having said this, some people like the idea of maybe losing a small box room and gaining a luxury bedroom with en-suite upstairs. Joist strength and the need for stell works is probably the biggest single cost when converting a loft.  It is best to get an expert around to discuss this.  We would happily come around and run through all the things you may already know, but more importantly the things you don’t.


Until next time.